Flexible and Extendable Scientific Undergraduate Experience

Past Research Clusters

FEScUE has expanded from its origins in Ecology and Evolution to embrace clusters addressing research issues in Bioinformatics, Soil Biogeochemistry, Structural Biology and now Immunology. We are currently seeking inquisitive minds for our newest cluster in Modeling the Human Immune Response to Infection.

Ecology and Evolution: Spatial and temporal metapopulation dynamics

Structural Biology: Theoretical Prediction and Experimental Validation of DNA-directedNucleosome Stability

Soil biogeochemistry: Field measurements of gas concentrations, laboratory measures of microbial activity and reaction-diffusion models to understand the spatial patterns of methane oxidation in grassland soils.

Bioinformatics: Alternative splicing in plants using a combination of experimental and computational techniques. Their goal is to detect alternative splicing using computational methods, and validate some of those predictions in the lab.