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Current Research Clusters

FEScUE has expanded from its origins in Ecology and Evolution to embrace clusters addressing research issues in Bioinformatics, Soil Biogeochemistry, Structural Biology and now Immunology. We are currently seeking inquisitive minds for our newest cluster in Modeling the Human Immune Response to Infection.

Rescue of Endangered Populations: The research will be mentored by Ruth Hufbauer (Bioagricultural Sciences & Pest Management), Mike Antolin (Biology) and Simon Tavener (Mathematics). Our goal is to determine the ability of demographic inputs, genetic inputs, and rapid adaptive evolution without immigration to rescue small populations in a challenging environment from extinction. We approach this by pairing a model biological system (Tribolium flour beetles) with quantitative models that extend our previous work to better understand the context of both extinction and rescue. Grad student on the edge of a canyon Grad student on the edge of a canyon

For additional information about rescue of engangered populations see the links below

Kakapo bird

Takahe bird

Critically endangered birds

Rescuing wildlife from climate extinction

Immunology: Profs. Michael Kirby (Mathematics) and Richard Slayden (MIP) are recruiting for spring 2013!!

Grad student on the edge of a canyon