Flexible and Extendable Scientific Undergraduate Experience

Financial Support

Grad student on the edge of a canyon The core of FEScUE is the long-term jointly-mentored research experience for undergraduates designed to provide training in interdisciplinary team-based research. This training begins early in their careers with the Team Research Seminar, which is aimed at developing the skills needed to conduct research in an interdisciplinary environment, and then continues as the student teams join the research clusters of the mentoring faculty.

The clusters are designed to include four undergraduate students, and two senior faculty with active research programs, one in the life sciences and the other in mathematics or statistics. When possible, each cluster will include an additional junior faculty member. Our goal is for students to have access not only to researchers in their fields, but to become fully integrated into research laboratories with collaborators ranging from other undergraduates to graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.

Students are expected to remain as part of the clusters for at least two years, although with continued interest there is no barrier to undergraduates staying longer with their research clusters.

To achieve these ends, FEScUE will provide students with stipends during two academic years (initially $1,800 per semester for four semesters) and two summers ($5,000 per summer). The requirements will be for students to be engaged part-time in research during the academic year and full time during the summers.