Flexible and Extendable Scientific Undergraduate Experience

Advising System

The management of FEScUE will function on two levels.

Research Level:

Each faculty team directing a research cluster will have responsibility for the day-to-day mentoring of the undergraduates in that cluster. This includes:

  1. Preparing relevant materials for the Interdisciplinary Research Seminar

  2. Co-teaching in the Team Research Seminar

  3. Providing a broader scientific context for the research projects and leading research discussions

  4. Incorporating undergraduate research teams into the active research groups of the faculty members

  5. Providing immediate advice on programs of study plans and career options

We will actively seek to expand the number of faculty teams and research clusters beyond the original three clusters. We have designed FEScUE so that faculty can use the Interdisciplinary Research Seminar as the venue for establishing new research clusters and jointly mentoring the Team Research Seminar will foster a close-knit faculty advising team for the subsequent undergraduate research activities.

Program Level:

The Principle Investigators (PIs) will jointly direct FEScUE on the program level. The PIs have an established record of collaboration in managing a large interdisciplinary education program because they have all been heavily involved in directing the IGERT project PRIMES. The PIs will plan and organize the program activities, such as scheduling activities in the Interdisciplinary Research Seminar, and be responsible for identifying potential faculty participants and new research clusters. The PIs will steer the new programmatic developments through the relevant departmental, college and university committees. The mentoring and advising of FEScUE students will be coordinated by all five PIs in conjunction with the scientists leading the research clusters.