Flexible and Extendable Scientific Undergraduate Experience



Michael Antolin

Department: Biology
Research Cluster: Ecology and Evolution 2009 - 2011
Office: E345 Anatomy-Zoology
Phone: 970-491-1911
email: Michael.Antolin@ColoState.EDU

The effects of patchy or fragmented habitats on the population genetics of animals and plants


Asa Ben-Hur

Department: Computer Science
Research Cluster: Bioinformatics 2011 - 2012
Office: CSB 448
Phone: 970-491-4068
email: asa@cs.colostate.edu

Applications of machine learning in bioinformatics. Methods for predicting protein function and interactions.


Dan Cooley

Department: Statistics
Research Cluster: FEScUE Seminar 2008
Office: Statistics 217
Phone: 970-491-5721
email: cooleyd@stat.colostate.edu

Extreme value theory, modeling multivariate extremes, heavy tailed phenomena, spatial statistics, Bayesian modeling, meteorological/environmental and ecological applications.


Don Estep

Department: Mathematics
Research Cluster: FEScUE Seminar 2008 - 2010
Office: Weber 115
Phone: 970-491-6722
email: estep@math.colostate.edu

Numerical Analysis, Partial Differential Equations


Jeffrey Hansen

Department: Biochemistry
Research Cluster: Structured Biology 2011 - 2012
Office: MRB 381
Phone: 970-491-5440
email: Jeffrey.C.Hansen@ColoState.edu

Higher Order Chromatin Structure and Chromatin Architectural Proteins


Michael Kirby

Department: Mathematics
Research Cluster: Immunology
Office: WB 211
Phone: 970-491-6850
email: kirby@math.colostate.edu

Computational and Applied Mathematics, Geometric methods in pattern analysis, empirical analysis of large data sets, optimization and mathematical modeling, signal and image processing,Optimal low-dimensional systems and modeling

John Moore

John Moore

Department: Natural Resource Ecology Lab
Research Cluster: Ecology and Evolution 2008
Office: B203 Natural & Environmental Science
Phone: 970-491-1796
email: John.Moore@ColoState.EDU

Theoretical ecology, Systems ecology, Food web dynamics, Soil ecology


A.S.N. Reddy

Department: Biology
Research Cluster: Bioinformatics 2011 -2012
Office: Anatomy/Zoology Building E321
Phone: 970-491-5773
email: Anireddy.Reddy@ColoState.EDU

i) calcium-mediated signal transduction mechanisms with emphasis on calcium sensors and their target proteins, ii) mechanisms that regulate basic and alternative splicing of pre-messenger RNAs in response to stresses, iii) disease resistance, iv) cell wall degrading enzymes for biofuel production and iv) synthetic signal transduction circuits in plants.

Patrick Shipman

Patrick Shipman

Department: Natural Resource Ecology Lab
Research Cluster: Structured Biology 2011 - 2012
Office: Weber 121
Phone: 970-491-6488
email: shipman@math.colostate.edu

Differential Equations, Mathematical Biology,
Applied Math

Richard Slayden

Richard Slayden

Department: Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Research Cluster: Immunology
Office: D116 Ric
Phone: 970-491-2902
email: richard.slayden@colostate.edu

Cell division, cell cycle regulation, bacterial differentiation and non-replicating persistence


Simon Tavener

Department: Mathematics
Research Cluster: Ecology and Evolution 2009 - 2011
Office: Weber 106
Phone: 970-491-6452
email: tavener@math.colostate.edu

Fluid Mechanics, Stability and Bifurcation in Continuum Mechanics, Mathematical Ecology


Colleen Webb

Department: Biology
Research Cluster: Ecology and Evolution 2008
Office: ZE 334A
Phone: 970-491-4289
email: colleen.webb@colostate.edu

Theoretical Ecology and Evolution



Megan Buzby

Department: University of Alaska, Southeast


James (Jeb) Collins

Department: Mathematics, Colorado State University


Stu Field

Department: SomaLogic


Mary Porter-Goff

Department: Biochemisty, Colorado State University