Flexible and Extendable Scientific Undergraduate Experience


Marroon Bells

FEScUE is a multi-departmental program that will engage undergraduates and faculty in mathematics, statistics and the life sciences in jointly mentored interdisciplinary research clusters and in structured multidisciplinary coursework. The key components of this initiative, funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), are based on the experience of the faculty participants in the NSF-IGERT funded graduate PRIMES program at CSU. 

The program is built around actively engaging students in research clusters. Each cluster will include four students mentored by two senior faculty members, one from the mathematical and one from the life sciences.  Each cluster will also include a junior faculty member who is expected to lead a future research cluster. 

We take advantage of existing entry-level gateway courses and a number of advanced cross-listed fusion courses that have developed from prior collaborations amongst the faculty participants.

The major new instructional component consists of two seminar courses, a Team Research Seminar and a supporting Interdisciplinary Science Seminar.  All classroom based activities serve to support the jointly mentored research experiences. To enhance long term professional development we will initiate focused career advising and GRE preparation courses.

Rescue of Endangered Populations recruiting for 2014

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