Flexible and Extendable Scientific Undergraduate Experience

Team Research Seminar (3 credits)

All FEScUE students will participate in a single Team Research Seminar which is based on the successful TREE (Team Research in Ecology) course which forms the training core of the NSF-IGERT funded PRIMES program at Colorado State (www.primes.colostate.edu).

Similarly, the Team Research Seminar is a credit bearing projects-based course that serves the purpose of bringing the cohort of students in a given year together, introducing them to specialized skills needed to study a model problem at the interface of mathematics, statistics and the life sciences, and to conduct team-based interdisciplinary research by replicating results from published works. This training will serve as a preparation for their first summer research experience, which will focus on conducting original research within the research groups of the faculty mentoring the Team Research Seminar.

The first third of the Team Research Seminar will provide specialized quantitative material relevant to creating and analyzing models in the area of focus of the course. The second third will be devoted to working in interdisciplinary groups to tackle a sequence of increasingly sophisticated quantitative projects that lead to the final research problem, as well as reading and understanding the targeted research papers. The final third will be devoted to re-creating the models in the chosen research papers and, if possible, expanding those results. Students in the Team Research Seminar will be asked to prepare interdisciplinary presentations on their research experiences to be presented to the entire FEScUE community.