Flexible and Extendable Scientific Undergraduate Experience

SUMMER 2010 Schedule

Here is the day-by-day schedule



  1. Outline for the Summer
  2. SENSAI Project Outline
  3. Intro To LaTeX
  4. Intro To Beamer
  5. How to Cite Your Sources using BiBTeX
  6. How to Cite Internet Sources
  7. SENSAI Tutorial
  8. Population Genetics and the Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium
  9. Single-locus Genetics in Age- or Stage Structured Population Models
  10. Classical Model of Selection at a Single Locus
  11. Matlab_Tutorial_Companion_to_Genetics_Exercises.m
  12. Single_Locus_Selection_Effects_of_Dominance.m
  13. Single_Locus_Selection_Stability_Properties.m
  14. Single_Locus_Selection_Forms_of_Selection.m


  1. Week One Reading
    1. Heppel, S.S. 1998. Application of life-history theory and population model analysis to turtle conservation. Copeia, 1998: 367-375.
    2. Hughes, T.P. 1984. Population-dynamics based on individual size rather than age - a general-model with a reef coral example. Am. Nat. 123: 778-795.
    3. Caswell, H. 2008. Perturbation analysis of nonlinear matrix population models. Demographic Research. 18: 59-116.
    4. Hamby, D.M. 1994. A review of techniques for parameter sensitivity analysis of environmental models.

  2. Week Two Reading
    1. Blaser M, Paul Schmid-Hempel 2005. Determinants of virulence for the parasite Nosema whitei in its host Tribolium castaneum. Journal of Invertebrate Pathology. 89: 251-257.
    2. Rael R.C., R.F. Costantino, J.M. Cushing and T.L. Vincent 2009. Using stage-structured evolutionary game theory to model the experimentally observed evolution of a genetic polymorphism. Evolutionary Ecology Research, 2009, 11: 14115.
    3. First Self-Replicating Synthetic Bacterial Cell

  3. Week Three Reading
    1. Oli Madan K.,Meenakshi Venkataraman, Paul A. Klein, Lori D. Wendland, and Mary B. Brown 2006. Population dynamics of infectious diseases: A discrete time model. Ecological Modelling: 198 (2006) 183194.
    2. Calderheady Ben, Mark Girolami, and Desmond J. Highamx 2010. Is It Safe To Go Out Yet?